Neonatology Department

Neonatology Department of EverBetter is outfitted with the imported neonatal monitor and equipment; the senior neonatology doctor will conduct rooming-in ward check and make follow-up visits after discharge, while the hospital will carry out disease screening and vaccination. Experienced nurses will bathe and touch the baby every day, and provide evaluation of neonatal growth and guided feeding. The thorough measures for neonatal safety management can ensure the safety and health of newborn babies.


Benefits of neonatal massage:

1. Improve sleep quality

2. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis

3. Improve emotional stability

4. Stimulate auditory and visual development

5. Promote parent-child amicability


EverBetter Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital has LDR suites integrating functions of delivery and recovery, where the expectant mother can stay in the same environment from check-in to delivery and recovery. There is no need to move among the ward, labor room, and delivery room, and she can spend the precious time in childbirth with her family. Company of the family is conducive to the elimination of maternal fear and anxiety, enabling the mother to go through labor and delivery in good spirit and energetic condition. Unless in special circumstances, the new father may personally cut the umbilical cord for the baby, feeling the joy of the baby’s birth and leaving a lifetime good memory. The LDR suite has an elegant and cozy environment, with the reception area and rest area reasonably separated. It is equipped with imported integrated hospital bed and baby incubators, giving all-round care to mother and baby in the earliest time.