Obstetric Services

Accessibility to Experts and More Reassuring Pregnancy Care

The Central Group of Obstetric Department has established a team consisting of doctors from famous hospitals in Shanghai, who have abundant clinical experiences in obstetrics. Obstetric clinics, wards and delivery rooms are built up. The comprehensive services including pre-pregnancy checkups, antenatal check-ups, antenatal consultation, childbirth experiences, water  birth, labor analgesia and postnatal convalescence are available. We are particularly good at consultation on prenatal and postnatal care, fetal monitoring and mother monitoring during the pregnancy, nutrition consultation and labor consultation etc. A dedicated doula is designated for a mother-to-be during the labor, labor analgesia and family-centered maternity care. Guidance on breast feeding and  postnatal nutritious diet services are offered after the delivery. Warm environment as well as excellent diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided to gravidae and parturients.


Outpatient service of Obstetrical Department

The outpatient services of Obstetrical Department at Everbetter Women’s Hospital are provided by experts with a professional level above associate chief physician; they draw up personalized antenatal examination plans for customers, give great attention to questions and communications.
         Progestation outpatient services
         We provide the progestation healthcare services (mainly including health education and consultation, progestation medical examination, health status evaluation and health guidance) to the couples preparing the pregnancy  four to six months prior to the pregnancy. We aim to reduce the pregnancy complications and birth defects.
      “Six in One” one-stop family-centered maternity care.
Everbetter provides family-centered maternity care by assigning a professional medical team (involving multiple disciplines such as obstetrics, neonate, nutrition, psychology, TCM and nursing) to provide comprehensive support to each of the family members.

Delivery rooms

Everbetter is equipped with individual integrated delivery rooms for family-centered maternity care, as well as water delivery center, where midwives with rich experiences provide one-to-one full-range doula, careful clinical observation in birth process and comprehensive nursing; obstetricians together with neonatologists are involved during the delivery.
         Labor analgesia
         The pregnant woman can select labor analgesia, which is monitored by an experienced anesthetist in the birth process, senior midwives are designated for full-range labor assistance and guidance to relieve the pain and reduce the fear and fatigue.  
         Water birth
         We have imported water delivery facility. Senior midwives are designated for full-range labor assistance and guidance to monitor the mother-infant conditions in real time, reduce the use of invasive medical measures and drugs, promoting the natural labor.


Obstetric wards

The obstetric wards are arranged on 8 floors and are separate rooms and suits with dedicated medical and nursing teams available; the wards are equipped with complete hardware facilities for the pregnant women and their family members.
         Neonatal services  
         Everbetter’s Neonatology Department is equipped with imported neonatal monitoring devices and equipments, senior neonatologists do ward round checking the mother-infant conditions in the same room and follow up the neonate after the discharge, and the hospital carries out disease screening and preventive vaccination to fully guarantee the neonatal safety and health.
         Management of maternal-fetal weight
         Senior nutritionists provide nutrition outpatient services, giving guidance on proper diets during the pregnancy, managing the maternal-fetal weight and health, and reducing the risk of maternal-fetal diseases.


Pregnancy screening

Screening of excessively large fetus
         A senior ultrasound doctor performs a systematic deformity screening using the US GE E8 four-dimensional color ultrasound instrument; the obstetrician and ultrasound doctor jointly provide outpatient services, offering consultation and evaluation to pregnant women and monitoring the intrauterine conditions.
         Invasive DNA screening
         Through the cooperation with Shanghai Antenatal Diagnosis Center, we carry out antenatal screening of the f fetal DNA in women’s peripheral blood and perform the screening of chromosome diseases in single or twin pregnancy to prevent the birth defects.
         Full-range guarantee of labor
         When the birth process starts, senior midwives are designated for full-range labor assistance and guidance, obstetricians deliver the baby, and neonatologists are present to guarantee everything goes smoothly.