Commercial insurance

Commercial insurance and direct billing service

EverBetter intends to provide medical services of international quality for more families, so is ready to accept the medical insurance plans of many commercial insurance companies. Please read the following instructions carefully on use of the specific medical insurance; if you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call us.

On use of the commercial medical insurance

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  • Prior to your visit for medical consulting, EverBetter will contact the insurer on your behalf to confirm your medical insurance benefits. You may also check it yourself in advance.
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  • For the first time of use, please bring your insurance certificate/insurance policy, and passport/ID card and show them when you visit the hospital.
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  • After the medical consulting,  EverBetter will provide the bill each time to your insurance company, and the expenses will paid by the insurance company directly to the hospital in accordance with your insurance coverage. (If there is a portion of expenses to be borne by yourself and a deductible portion, you will have to pay for it yourself.)
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  • If you have any questions about the coverage of your insurance, please dial the number on the insurance certificate to confirm. Cash, debit card and credit card may be used to settle the expenses to be borne by yourself.
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  • For each patient, EverBetter offers only one insurance company for direct billing service.

What if there is no insurance?

EverBetter has set up a high quality membership service system, which allows you to enjoy simple and efficient fee structure and settlement methods, no matter whether you are in the case of seeing a doctor, hospitalization or a medical examination.

List of direct insurance billing


Note: The scope of the claim depends on the insurance coverage you have purchased