Ancillary facilities

Advanced instruments and equipment

The hospital is equipped with GE E8 four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound instrument, US Beckman automatic biochemical analyzer, Beckman automatic immune analyzer, Siemens chemiluminescence analyzer, automatic hematology analyzer, automatic blood coagulation analyzer, US Midmark diagnosis and treatment bed, US Stryker multifunctional obstetric table, a full set of German Drager equipments for the operation room, operation rooms with 10,000-grade laminar flow purification, US Stryker laparoscopy system, Denmark Fjordblink water delivery facilities, GE giraffe infant radiant warmer, Japan Atom infant incubator, US Hill-Rom bed, Philip central monitoring system for maternal fetal development and other sophisticated instruments and equipments.


Cozy environment and comfortable experience

The hospital enjoys a warm and elegant environment, which creates a welcoming service atmosphere for the pregnant women and female patients, including VIP reception room, school for the pregnant women, waiting area, consulting room, fetal monitor room, inspection center, department of radiology, neonatal center, as well as integrated delivery room, water delivery room, modern operation room, and cozy ward, etc..


Home-like recreational environment

The hospital has a variety of advanced medical equipments, capable of providing professional medical services. Meanwhile, there are customized function areas for antenatal care, consulting, delivery and hospitalization, bringing a unique medical experience to the customers at every stage.