Group Profile

A complete industry chain integrating medical treatment and health care services of the gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics

Shanghai EverBetter Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital is affiliated to UIB (China) Group Corporation. The Group has a number of healthcare service entities dedicated to medical treatment and healthcare services of the gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics, including Shanghai EverBetter Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Shanghai EverBetter Pubin Children's Hospital, UIB International Maternity Care Center, and Ruizhitang Lady Health Care Center, forming an industry chain covering both healthcare service and medical care.


Shanghai EverBetter Pubin Children's Hospital was founded jointly by Shanghai Children's Medical Center and UIB (China) Group. The hospital is located at Binjiang Avenue by the bank of the Huangpu River in Lujiazui, equipped with 150 beds and operation rooms, as well as with exclusive consulting rooms for sub-specialty pediatric services. In addition to all clinical diagnosis and treatment concerning pediatric internal and external services, it has such departments as ophthalmology, otolaryngology, stomatology, dermatology, traditional Chinese medicine and medical examination center. It's worth mentioning that those for the pediatrics of the behavioral developmental (child care), respiratory/asthma and endocrine will be the featured departments of the hospital.

EverBetter Pubin Children's Hospital will rely on the leading medical technologies of Shanghai Children's Medical Center, JCI international quality management system and favorable international medical cooperation to build a comprehensive specialized hospital for children up to international standard, featuring "three-in-one" model that integrates medical treatment, research and health management, and to foster the featured disciplines and services of the hospital.

Jin Xingming, a well-known childcare expert in China and a professor at Shanghai Children's Medical Center, acts as the first president of EverBetter Pubin Children's Hospital.

UIB International Maternity Care Center

       UIB International Maternity Care Center, located on the bank of the Huangpu River, is a Sino-foreign joint venture. It has more than 100 suites of confinement and recuperation rooms with complete functions. The Center, as the member and chairman of the industry association approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the former Ministry of Public Health, undertakes the task of revising the technical guidance for the maternity care industry nationwide. Over the years, it has been acclaimed by numerous child-bearing families for its professional service, leading the whole industry towards sound development.
       UIB International Maternity Care Center boasts a premium location on the bank of the Huangpu River, with sufficient free parking lots, panoramic landscape and high-end facilities in its detached complex and courtyard adjacent to the river. The super luxury decorations create a noble but warm and elegant surrounding. It has a variety of customized function areas for confinement recuperation, such as the baby swimming pool, postpartum rehabilitation center, intelligence enlightenment center, TCM conditioning center, nutrition and diet center, recreational rhythm center, VIP studio, baby bath room, multi-function hall, VIP lounge, sunshine chamber, Pujiang view platform, coffeehouse, etc..


Ruizhitang Lady Health Care Center

       Ruizhitang Lady Health Care Center, adhering to the concept of syndrome differentiation and adjustment of the TCM, adopts holographic examination of meridians unique to Ruizhitang, realizing the syndrome differentiation analysis that features "human-computer interaction". With the personalized, exclusive conditioning program for women and special TCM regimen, the Center has developed a range of featured services like ancient aromatic fumigation, dredging of the meridians, kidney and chest care, special care for private parts, conditioning for the coming pregnancy, postpartum recuperation and other special services. It has also inherited and innovated over a dozen of the ancient TCM techniques, with the purpose of bringing health and beauty to women in every stage of their life.