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"Six-in-one" one-stop family-style pregnancy and birth service

Every family with pregnant or lying-in women can enjoy impeccable service at EverBetter Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. A professional medical care team made up of specialists in obstetrics, neonate, nutrition, psychology, TCM and nursing will provide all-round support to every family member, trying hard to render one-stop family-style pregnancy and birth service to the customer.

Antepartum examination

Obstetric experts at or above associate chief physician level will customize an antepartum examination plan for you. They will conduct examination thoroughly, explain examination results carefully, provide targeted prenatal care guidance, and patiently answer all of your questions. During the inspection period, the family members may take company of you in the whole process.

Four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound examination

In order to let you see your baby earlier, EverBetter has introduced the GE E8 four-dimensional ultrasound instrument from the United States, which can take the first picture and video for your baby as a permanent treasure. At the same time, the growth and development of the intrauterine fetus can be observed from different angles and directions, which can be used as reliable basis for medical monitoring and diagnosis.

Water birth

Water birth is a new mode of delivery. With the buoyancy of water supporting the increased weight, it helps the lying-in women get relaxed, relieve pain and pressure in waist and hip, and reduce drug use and medical intervention, so as to achieve the purpose of smooth delivery. The obstetrical department has set up a water birth center equipped with water delivery equipment imported from Denmark. You will be accompanied by experienced doula during delivery, while the obstetrician will take delivery, and make neonatal evaluation and inspection at the time of delivery, all being aimed to bring you a special journey of delivery.

Painless labor

When entering the stage of labor, the pregnant woman may choose to go into labor analgesia, whereby the senior anesthetist will keep monitoring in the whole process to relieve your pain and reduce the fear of childbirth and postpartum fatigue. You will also be accompanied by experienced doula and the obstetrician will take delivery, and make neonatal evaluation and inspection thereafter.

Expert seminars and courses

A team of senior experts will develop specialized healthcare courses on antenatal care, presenting practical and interactive seminars and courses on regular basis in respect of nutrition during pregnancy, self-care, yoga for pregnant women, ante partum preparation, delivery experience, guidance for antenatal care, psychological guidance, postpartum recovery, counseling for fresh father, neonatal care and breastfeeding.

Delivery experience

A lifelike delivery rehearsal will be conducted in the simulation delivery room, where the specialized midwife will explain the birth process face to face, familiarizing you with the delivery room environment and support system ahead of schedule, including roles of the doctor, midwife and family member in the process of childbirth. The rehearsal intends to minimize the anxiety and tension of the would-be mother for reason of unfamiliarity, thus helping smooth delivery. Contents of rehearsal: the sign of labor and the indication of admission, the process of childbirth, the simulated experience of cesarean section, the experience of Ramaze's breathing for reducing pain, and the experience of using birth balls and active position in delivery.

Yoga for the pregnant women

This course will provide yoga exercise for the pregnant women to help them control weight, increase flexibility, learn to breathe during childbirth, and reduce pain. It intends to lay a good foundation for smooth delivery and rapid recovery.